The Baby King and Madison

Twins 2You’re probably wondering, how could these two possibly be connected! Leave it up to US magazine, featuring Kate with the baby Prince George on the front cover, and Million Dollar Listing on the back cover.  Needless to say, Madison Hildebrand, the Renaissance man is featured in the center.

I cannot claim any credit for such an astute observation.  It was actually my 4 year old daughter Sabrina, who saw the magazine on her teacher’s desk and proclaimed ‘There is the baby king. His name is King George. Did you know he was born in the same hospital (Lindo Wing at St. Mary’s) as Max and me? He was probably in the same room as us.’

Then she turns over the magazine and says ‘And that’s Madison.  I gave him a pink dinosaur.  He sold our old house.’

Her teacher did not know Madison or the show.  She Googled him right away and was shocked to see that Sabrina was indeed correct. Madison Hildebrand was featured right in the middle of the back cover of US magazine for the upcoming season of Million Dollar Listing beginning August 7.

Max and Sabrina were born 4 years ago, nearly to the day of the birth of the baby prince.  The sky was as grey and dreary then as it appeared in the television spot of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge posing on the steps of the Lindo Wing upon their departure.

On a brighter note, the week before the birth of my twins was sublime in a rare burst of hot and sunny weather in London.  Amongst many other things, memories of a lovely dinner on the eve of their birth with old friends from New York, as well as a visit from their godmother on the day of their birth after attending the Wimbledon Women’s Final are both well recorded in our history.

I am quite sure, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Great Britain and all Global Royal Followers will always fondly remember the birth of the Baby King!

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